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Femme Mountain

Queer Created | Femme Focused Community


Femme Mountain 

Grass Valley, Ca

Healing | Retreat | Events | Education

This is QUEER space
This is Femme space
This is a place for us to be visible, uplifted, healed.
A place to plot the destruction of systemic oppression
A place to create rituals towards the manifestation of our needs and desires
We are here for the Queer, Trans, Black & Brown, Magical, Marginalized, Kinky, Seekers & Finders to find
rest & restoration.



 Re-Occurring Events

Tennis Tuesdays
Queer Game Night
Sunday Kink Skill Share
Queer Crafting Brunch & Booze

On The Land

Tortoise Meditation Garden


Event Hosting for Small Groups

Couples and Singles Retreat


“I am not here to entertain straight people.”

Sarah Schulman


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