The Femmes of Femme Mountain

"not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you"


Head Femme in Charge

Leather Femme | Kink Educator & Organizer | Artist | Rock Hound | Land Keeper 

I am a Queer leather femme who also loves rocks.  

I live and work on Femme mountain.

My goal for Femme Mountain is to have a place to recharge and release the stresses one faces by just being queer. I live in the space with parts of my leather family and we enjoy the idea of sharing the trees, creek and many critters (both wild and kept) with others who need time to think without all the noise and hear the voice of nature calling.  

My goal for the rocks I have inherited is to admire their beauty and transform them into various forms of art from furniture to body art. 

Some of my work is available for sale and came be found in the Femme Mountain online shop.


Photo Femme



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